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Rowing in Trinity

This is why I love rowing in college so much! A little video that my DULBC teammates made earlier this season. I would also STRONGLY suggest anyone interested in rowing, or infact sports writing in general, should read this fantastically eloquent article by former a Yale and Trinity rower on the DUBC (men's boat club) website HERE.

Perhaps rowing's not the first sport you would consider taking up in college, but why not? I started in the first term of my undergrad degree and never looked back. There's something particularly satisftying about taking up a sport with a group of people who are all 110% new to it. No one has the advantage of practice or experience because if you rowed before you wouldn't be able to compete at the Novice level and would join the intermediate or senior squad straight away. You're all learning together and making mistakes together and it's amazing how quickly you bond with your teammates and make friends for life.

Rowing is also an amazingly friendly community, through my preparations for the Pacific race I've been recieving all sorts of amazing advice from friends and friends-of-friends who have had similar experiences and are keen to help me out - even a Julien the French Olympian who rowed the Atlantic! (His advice: shave your bum....?! Apparently bottom blisters are about the worst part of ocean rowing... oh great...)

So, if you ever get the chance, give rowing a go. If you're in Trinity or thinking of coming to Trinity and want to know more about rowing - get in touch via Facebook.

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