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In the Lab... Bees not boats.

Sure, nothing to do with boats or rowing, but pretty damn cool science all the same! This is my friend Erin Jo, who works in the Botany Department here at TCD, talking about her research on bees. She's looking in to the effects of toxins in the nectar of the flowering plant Rhoodendron on insect pollinators. Rhododendron in an invasive species in Ireland - you may well have seen it in parks, gardens and wild landscapes with it's very distinctive purple flowers.

Did you know that pollination is estimated to be worth at least €153 billion globally every year??

As well as being a PhD researcher Erin Jo also puts me to shame with her dedication to running - her regular route is about 5 miles out from Trinity campus and back, she's never managed to drag me out with her yet, but I guess I should brave it some time!

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