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It's official!
Guinness Book of World Records

2016 Edition


My very own entry in the Ocean Rowing section of the latest Guinness Book of Records. In all good bookshops!


"Youngest female to row the Mid-Pacific"

"From Rydens to successful Great Pacific Race rower"

August 23rd, 2014


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"Rowing across ocean is blissful torture for Winter Park native"
- team mate John talks about our epic journey
Orlando Sentinel

August 15, 2014



Radio interview with Allison Ferns on the James Cannon program.
BBC Surrey

08:50 August 13, 2014



"First rowers in Monterey-to-Hawaii race cross the finish line in Hawaii"
- my close encounters with wildlife get a mention!

July 22, 2014

"Great Pacific Race: Rowing Monterey to Honolulu"
Monterey City

July 14, 2014

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